It’s a “New to World” Irish Whiskey that is founded in tradition but guided by a very much contemporary, youthful, bold and Irish American personality.
It’s made at Royal Oak Distillery, proudly located on an 18th century estate in Ireland’s Ancient East region, in County Carlow, where all three classic Irish styles of whiskey – Single Grain, Single Malt & Single Pot – are produced under one roof.
Our Small Batch Whiskeys are double matured by using a limited number of casks accurately selected by our team from our warehouse. Royal Oak Distillery is able to supply us with outstanding quality liquids to let The Busker compete in super premium arena.
The Small Batch Collection has been personally selected by our master blender Caroline Martin. These exclusive releases are the best expression of what Royal Oak Distillery has to offer to the category. The small batch double aged collection will help us building the credibility of the brand, stating The Busker as one of the most qualitative Irish whiskey range.