Whether as part of a celebration with loved ones or to wind down after a gig, Gary has acquired a taste for wine over the years and developing his own wine range has been a dream of his for as long as he can remember. He’s spent the past two years collaborating with London-based distributor Benchmark Drinks to create a well-balanced, sophisticated and sustainable wine range, with unique packaging featuring a stylish piano key design, an instantly recognisable nod to his incredible 30-year music career.

The medium-bodied organic red and refreshing, zesty organic white are the result of many months of wine development and following hours of tasting wines from across the world, Gary’s standout blends originated from Spain. Having spent time in Spain over the years, Gary has always enjoyed the local food and wine offering. He has been so inspired by the passion of those involved in the winemaking process and is very proud to now launch his own range of organic wines from Spain’s Castilla region.

The wines have been produced by Peninsula Wines in Spain. Founded by Andreas Kubach and Sam Harrop, they’re both Masters of Wine and renowned for their sustainability and “sympathetic winemaking”, embracing both nature and science to make wine with as little intervention as possible.