Viña Casa Silva began in 1997 en pursuit of a long-held dream of sharing the family’s love and affection for its land in the Colchagua Valley in a bottle of wine. Emilio Bouchon was the first to arrive in Chile from St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France, in 1892, and his family has been making wine there ever since. They were pioneers in the Colchagua Valley, although it was not until 1997 that Mario Pablo Silva, the oldest son of the fifth generation, and his father, Mario Silva, shared the dream of making wines under their own label. The latter had dedicated much of his life to recovering the old vineyards and wine cellar and had acquired a unique understanding of the terroir in the Colchagua Valley. His other sons Francisco, Gonzalo, and Raimundo joined soon thereafter and contributed to the development of Viña Casa Silva. And so began the new family winery and the process of modernizing all of the activities that took place within it.

Today Viña Casa Silva is the most award-winning Chilean winery in the 21st century.