Botter was founded in 1928 by Carlo Botter as a small business selling local Veneto wines in barrels and demijohns.

Produced in the hills around the Treviso area the brand has two vineyards.

The Divici estate is a new production site created to develop the range of Venetowines. 100 hectares of newly planted organic vineyards and a cellar containing state-of the- art wine making systems allow to press up to 3,000 tonnes of grapes and store more than 500,000 litres.

The recently renovated Là di Motte estate epitomizes the family’s close ties with its homeland. Innovative technology and cultivation methods are used to closely monitor production in it’s 60 hectares of organic vineyards,its winery with a capacity of 1,500 tonnes and its cellar containing 400 barriques.