BOLS RTE – BOLS Ready TEnjoy Cocktails are now available.

The Lucas Bols Company is a leading global cocktail and spirits player in the worldwide cocktail market and one of the oldest Dutch companies still active. Their mission is to create great cocktail experiences around the globe. Lucas Bols have now launched BOLS RTE – crafted according to true bartending recipes, with premium eye-catching packaging for an easy serve – all once has to do is CHILL, SHAKE, POUR, GARNISH. All Natural ingredients, no preservatives. Available in 700ML, which serves 6 to 7 cocktails. Proudly distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

There are currently 3 cocktails available as BOLS RTE-

  • Bols Margarita Azul. One of the most famous cocktails is now made by Bols. By adding our signature Blue Curaçao liqueur, you can experience the Bols Margarita Azul cocktail with even more aromatic oranges. Available, ready to enjoy in a cocktail bottle, so you can whip up a delicious Margarita Azul in an instant!
  • The Bols Espresso Martini is rich and creamy with a hint of dark roast. A Martini so smooth, it will charm off the cream of your espresso. In this cocktail bottle, your Espresso Martini is ready to enjoy, no skills or tools are needed! This fruity and exotic cocktail is loved by all.
  • The Bols Pornstar Martini steps in those big shoes and doesn’t disappoint to really lighten up the mood. Serve a fantastic Pornstar Martini in an instant with this ready to enjoy cocktail in our newest bottle!